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Ticket pricing 

Our aim for the festival is to make it as economically accessible as possible, also for families and low waged. Please choose the ticket option that suits you, and if you come with children the ‘family ticket’ is for anyone who travels together with the children (Children aged 0-6 yr go free, and in the ticket payment system, adults count as 18 years upwards. In other words; children in the family price option are kids from 7- 17)

The festival ticket includes a menu of plant-based meals, with breakfast, lunch and dinner (from dinner Thursday evening, till Sunday lunch). See other food choices in the booking form.

The festival ticket does not include accommodation so please add your preferred option.

The organizing team of volunteers dedicate their time and co-creative energy to make this festival as economically accessible as possible. In the event of an economic surplus after the festival, we will consider applications for a partial reimbursement of the festival ticket cost, according to ‘fair shares’. If you want to be considered for such a reimbursement you can let us know in the booking form, and we will in that case be in touch after the festival to arrange this. Any economic surplus will go to a good cause; by having more funds to recompense workshopholders and the festival team for their fantastic willingness to contribute to manifest this great festival!

If you have difficulty attending for economic reasons, we want to find ways to support you in this, so please get in touch at